Manage nodes

A node is a virtual machine running within a cluster. You can add one or more nodes to a cluster. 

Add nodes to a cluster

  1. Click NEW SERVER for the cluster.

  2. Select the server size, then click Save.

    The node is added to the cluster. It will take several minutes for the node VM to be provisioned by the infrastructure provider. When the node is ready, the node’s public IP address is shown.

Label a node

Use labels to organize the nodes within a cluster. Labels are used when setting up service constraints that control which nodes your containers will run on. Enter the label as a key-value pair. Please refer to the Docker documentation for more information:

  1. Beside the node, click Options, then click Label.

  2. Click Add Label. Enter the label Name and Value.
  3. To remove a label, select X.
  4. To save your changes, click Update.
  5. Click Configure to return to the Configure page. The node labels are shown.

View container status

A box is shown for each container on the node. A blue box indicates a task that is running successfully on a container; a grey box indicates a task with a container that isn’t running.

Delete a node from a cluster

Before you delete a node, consider the following:

  • This will delete all of the volumes that exist on the node and their data.
  • If the node is a manager node, you must migrate the manager to another node before deleting it.
  1. Beside the node, click Options, then click Delete.

  2. Click Delete Server.

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